Okinawa i Praise launched in India @ INR 1.15 Lakhs

Okinawa launched the i-Praise electric scooter at the price of INR 1.15 lakh in India. The brand has already praise model which is being sold at the price of INR 71,460 and launching a new model with such huge margin might not go in company's favor.

Okinawa i Praise

Okinawa i Praise features detachable li-ion battery which can be charge with in 2-3 hours. Company claims that the scooter will have range of 180 km in a single charge which is better than various ebikes as well as cars. The top speed is around 75 kmph.

Okinawa i Praise

You can also connect it the Okinawa Eco App which can let you now the battery charging, trip meter reading and Service timings.

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