Geliose Hope Electric Scooter: Price in India, Mileage, Top Speed, Specs, Feature

Geliose Mobility has recently launched the Geliose hope electric scooter with a price range of Rs 47,000. 

Geliose Hope Electric Scooter Price in India

At this price, electric scooters will be comparatively cheaper than other electric scooters and is launched with the aim of suiting delivery boys and their requirements. 

The running cost of this scooter is 20p for a kilometer. Maximum speed offered by Electric scooter is 25km/h and its no driving license or registration is required at low unit. 

Geliose Hope Electric Scooter Highlights



Max speed


Battery charging type

4 hour

Tyre type


Battery capacity range

  1. 50 KM
  2. 75 KM 



Geliose Electric scooter is a boon for delivery boys as it comes with loading capacity and light weight body. 

Along with economical price, and low range of running fuel, geliose electric scooter comes with a portable charger and Lithium battery, capable of getting charged anywhere in just 4 hours. It can also get conveniently charged at homes.

Along with running efficiency of fuel, petrol its body is extremely light weighted offering ease in navigation during day traffics thus making travel a more lighter job for the rider. 

Geliose Hope Electric Scooter Battery

Its battery range is 50 km and 75 km varying accordingly and with a duration of 4 hours which it takes to get fully charged. 

It comes with a dashboard fitted in the centre capable of data monitoring and battery management thus enabling the rider to keep a watch on the current status of his scooter. 

Geliose Hope Electric Scooter Price in India

Its attractive colour makes it visible even in daylight. It is available at a price of 47,000 only. 

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