Citroen Ami Price in India, Launch date, Mileage

The Ami is a French electric scooter-car manufactured by Citroen. The vehicle is a replica of the widely known Ami-series car (also known as 3CV), which debuted in 1961.

citroen ami price in india

The Ami is intended to be an efficient moped city car that can be driven without a driver's license. A car is defined as an enclosed scooter in the car category. The car can be parked on the sidewalk for free in many cities.

The vehicle has a 6,000 watt electric motor and a top speed of 45 km/h. The motor produces instant torque, allowing for rapid acceleration.

The car has a 5.5 kWh lithium battery that provides a driving range of 70 kilometers. The vehicle is equipped with a built-in charger (220v) and can be charged at fast charge stations.

The vehicle accommodates two passengers comfortably.

The vehicle measures 1.39m wide, 2.41m long, 1.52m high, and has a turning radius of 7.2m.

The car is readily available for purchase (ownership) and Citroën offers a special long term rental option that facilitates driving the car for a monthly rental fee of €19,99 euro. The vehicle is intended to be affordable.

The car comes in a variety of styles and color combinations and can be customized. The car is intended to be a fashionable item.

The car can be ordered at Citroën dealerships.







25 and 45 km/h


6KW (8 hp)


425 kg


21700 Lithium

Battery Life

2000 Cyclesi


70 km

Charge time

3 hours

Fast charger: 20 minutes


INR 55203

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