Cake Makka E-Moped Launched at Starting Price of $3500

Cake has launched its new electric moped “Makka”. A superlight weight moped is now available for pre-order in the USA in Europe at the starting price of $3500. The e-moped will come in two variants Makka Range and Makka Flex. It will be available in grey and blue color.

Cake Makka

Cake Makka Specifications:

Makka only weighs 132 pounds. It comes with a standard rack which can be used as a luggage carrier or a passenger seat can be mounted on it. 

Makka Range has a max speed of 15 miles per hour and can go 35 miles on a single charge. While Makka Flex will has a max speed of 28 miles per hour and can go 30 miles on single charge. 

Both bikes use 14 by 3 inches tyres and also features aluminium footboard, a touchscreen display which will show information like battery, miles ridden, ride mode, etc.

It has a 3.6 kW motor and 1.5 kWh battery which can be charged fully within 3 hours. 

Cake Makka Price:

Makka Range is available at $3500 and Makka Flex will be available at $3800.

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